TWIN Project

This is the flagship project of Corporate Diary. We are committed to mentor and train young women aspiring to be future corporate leaders and national champions of industry growth.

Training Women for Industry and Nation

The Government of India has uniquely positioned the future of girl children by promoting ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’. Taking that vision of our country forward, TWIN project aims at helping young female students plan their corporate future with our Experts, train female graduates of all disciplines to find their calling in the corporate sector and work closely with the emerging women corporate leaders in achieving our vision.

We strongly believe women are inherently gifted with balanced decision making from meeting the household demands to the corporate management and leading the nation. We strive to work closely with the policy makers and the government in helping young female graduates to find their ground even in the Indian structure of governance as law and policy makers.

This project will offer personalized counseling to the women students and graduates and prepare a road map for their higher education and professional training in a structured manner. We invite Experts from the Corporate Industry and Policy Making to join us in realizing our commitment for creating a strong cadre of women leaders in all spheres of decision making.

three people wearing brown wicker baskets walking on road
three people wearing brown wicker baskets walking on road